Little Seeds Academy - Programs & Activities

Physical Education

Being active is as important to our bodies as is food. If we teach healthy habits early we set the foundation for a life of health. Physical development includes both growth and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills.

Little Seeds Academy in Arvada, Colorado believes being active is important and encourages physical activity and education


Your child’s concentration and ability to calm and relax will improve. Teachers use a multiple of strategies to make yoga a natural part of your child’s day, stories are acted out using yoga stretches, music is used to accompany particular poses.

Little Seeds Academy in Arvada, Colorado teaches yoga to encourage child's concentration and relaxation.


We offer a Bilingual Spanish Immersion Program our curriculum teaches Spanish through stimulating age-appropriate hands-on activities; your child will learn common Spanish vocabulary as family names food, parts of the body, and items in nature.

Little Seeds Academy, Daycare, Preshool in Arvada offers bilingual spanish immersion.

Meals & Snacks

Little Seeds Academy strives to offer a healthy menu for children to enjoy and parents to feel good about. We serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Menus are available at the beginning of each month and will change to maintain fresh, in season foods wherever possible!

Kids eat healhy snacks and meals at Little Seeds Academy Daycare Preschool in Arvada, Colorado

Our Class Rooms & Play Areas